About Us


Matthias Hippe

The developer of Masters Collection, Matthias Hippe, was a former trumpet student with Prof. Gábor Tarkövi. He is currently starting studies at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management as the schools entrepreneurship scholar.

Our Story

We started the development of Masters Collection due to the COVID-19 pandemic limiting our ability to travel and study with a variety of trumpet professors like we normally would. Missing this frequent exchange we began to think of a solution which is not only solving the issue of the current travel restrictions, but will also be a source of studying material for those who can’t afford to travel to their favorite teachers at all.

For this to be possible we decided to design and develop and app for iOS and Android, as this makes Masters Collection available for almost everyone while also providing a platform for the best artists to publish their own content. With the ideas and help of Matthias Höfs we were able to bring this project to your phones.

The Masters Collection App is being developed and released by Hippe IT-Solutions UG (haftungsbeschränkt). Founded in 2019 we specialize in developing medical and musician apps. Previous projects contain the app Practice Tools, which was released in cooperation with the Universität der Künste in Berlin.